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We are an NCH 2728 certified Technical Formation Organization (OTEC) founded in 2013 as a spin-off of the training department of Holtec SpA., created in 2006, and specialize in on-line professional education for the mining industry.
We provide student-centric educational products allowing organizations to attract, manage, and retain scarce and essential talent for the long-term sustainability of their business and the future of the industry.

For the first time in our history, in 2023 in-person, on-line and hybrid courses totalized over one hundred and fifty thousand academic hours in a single year.

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The gray wave is here. What you can do to counter it.

When we talk about the “gray wave,” we are referring to the experienced baby boomers who are retiring, not only in the Chilean industry but in most other industrialized countries as well.

Chilean mining companies are grappling with the challenges associated with the gray wave, and although today’s senior generation – unlike the previous one – still has thread on the reel, it is common for these individuals to be forced to retire on their 65th birthday.
It is interesting to note that the official retirement age in most European countries has been raised to sixty-seven, not so in Chile, where people over sixty-five sometimes also simply do not have the luxury of leaving paid work yet.

The Study “Labor Force in Chilean Big Mining 2023-2032” by the Mining Skills Council (CCM) projects that, by the end of the decade, more than twenty-seven thousand people will have retired from mining companies and contractors.
Aside from the challenges of the replacement of senior employees combined with a large gap in new labor supply, this bleeding of experienced talent and knowledge presents companies with significant challenges – if not threats – including:

  1. Loss of Experience.

The retirement of experienced baby boomers means the loss of valuable expertise and institutional knowledge accumulated over decades, which can impact the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
Additionally, the retirement of long-time employees can affect the morale of the remaining workforce, and leaders need to focus on effective communication, new leadership models, and creating a positive work environment to motivate and retain their teams.

  1. Skills Shortage.

The mining industry requires specialized skills, and finding qualified replacements for retiring workers is already proving difficult. There is a growing shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the maintenance- and equipment operation areas.
Moreover, the national technical-professional education system does not generate sufficient industrial talent in general and, moreover, for a sizable percentage of these students the mining industry is not the first choice.
The projected accumulated supply-demand gap by 2032 for the three most in-demand profiles is about 9.000 for Maintenance mechanics, 4.300 for Fixed equipment operators and over 5.000 for Mobile equipment operators.

  1. Safety Concerns.

Senior employees often know from experience where the risks lie and what risky behavior consists of, which is why the industry must place special emphasis on the permanent safety education of a younger and ever-evolving workforce. Ensuring a safe working environment for all age groups ought to be a priority.

  1. Operational Disruptions:

The departure of experienced staff can lead to disruptions in daily operations. Knowledge transfer and the seamless integration of new, well-skilled employees are crucial to maintaining productivity and avoiding downtime.
The most recent CCM study sets total labor demand to no less than thirty-four thousand jobs by 2032, which is a huge challenge for the industry.

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