Our History

We are currently experiencing a period of significant generational transition, combined with an ever-growing number of experienced knowledge owners retiring across industries.
Businesses worldwide are grappling with the realization that survival requires them to adapt and rethink traditional business practices. This is why leaders who face urgent business challenges turn to Academia.Holtec for timely, effective, and reliable solutions.

In the face of unprecedented events accelerating global change, Academia.Holtec is well-equipped to assist your organization in navigating these shifts. Our faculty excels in translating theory into practical learning solutions that can be immediately implemented by your organization.
Whether through our virtual learning platform Moodle in real-time, or at your company site, we are prepared to engage with your teams wherever they are located and whenever they are available.

About Academia.Holtec

Academia.Holtec originates from Holtec Ltda., founded in 2005, and dedicated to engineering, technical consultancy, and the representation of international technology providers.
Envisioning that superior-quality products and services must be implemented and operated by highly trained individuals to ensure optimal returns, Holtec was inspired by its client’s need for technical- and practical education services directed at operators and engineers and decided to turn its expertise into a service for the industry in 2006.

Holtec Capacitaciones was founded in 2013, and in October of that same year NCh 2728:2015 certified as a Technical Formation Organization (OTEC). By the end of 2013, our in-person courses already accumulated well over ten thousand student hours.
To date, Holtec Capacitaciones has executed over three hundred courses for more than thirty-five clients, primarily sulfuric acid plants, smelters, refineries, and mines.

Academia.Holtec: Education on-demand

In January 2021, Holtec Capacitaciones evolves, changing its name to Academia.Holtec, with a broader business purpose: “Helping people adapt to the revolutionary change brought about by the fourth industrial revolution.”
Today, specializing in on-line professional education, we provide student-centric products allowing organizations to attract, manage, and retain scarce and essential talent for the long-term sustainability of their business and the future of the industry.

At the end of 2023, in-person, on-line and hybrid courses totaled over one hundred and fifty thousand student hours in a single year for the first time in our history.


Educational experience

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Generate value for organizations by contributing to the management and retention of scarce talent, forming highly qualified professionals through a curriculum focused on acquiring transversal- and specific competence.

Our Mission

Create educational products that are meaningful in people’s lives, helping them to achieve their dreams and grow as professionals and human beings.

Our Values

We love what we do, and we do what we promise and believe in.
We put people at the center of our attention.
We are honest, committed, respectful, pro-active, responsible, and always on time.

Holtec Capacitaciones & Academia.Holtec

A Few Milestones


AngloAmerican - Chagres Foundry

• First courses at AngloAmerican Chagres foundry.


Glencore - Altonorte Foundry

• 30 students, 120 academic hours p/p.


Founding Holtec Capacitaciones

• OTEC Holtec Capacitaciones Ltda. is founded and NCh 2728 certified.
• Codelco Ministro Hales training program: 40 students, 120 hours p/p.


First open course and International Seminar

• Open Course Metallurgical Sulfuric Acid Plant.
Participants: Altonorte Smelter, AngloAmerican, Noracid, Codelco Ventanas, VM Cajamarquilla (Peru): 16 students, 24 hours p/p.
• International seminar “Hydrogen, its dangers, generation in acid plants”.


Transition to E-Learning

• Conversion of in-person classes to e-learning.
• Codelco El Teniente Workplace Skills Development Program (DCL) in the mining, plant and foundry areas: 468 students, 240 training actions, 1.920 hours.
• December – Since 2013 Holtec has trained 2.600 people, accumulating 90.000 student hours.


Name change to Academia.Holtec

• January – Holtec Capacitaciones changes its name to Academia.Holtec.
• June – Moodle Learning Management System comes on-line.
• Codelco El Teniente. Technical Competence, Maintenance and Operations Program for woman Apprentices.
Areas: mining, mechanics, hydraulics and electricity. 65 Students, 148 formative actions, 25.000 academic hours, total.


Towards 150.000 hours a year

• Apprentices Technical Skill Development Program in maintenance and operations for Codelco El Teniente. Areas: mining, mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical. 60 Students, 42.000 formative hours.
• Apprentices Technical Skill Development Program in maintenance and operations for El Teniente. Areas: smelter and plant. 40 Students, 17.000 formative hours.
• Apprentices Technical Skill Development Program in maintenance for Codelco Andina. 100 Students, 60.000 formative hours.
• Won bid for the Codelco Corporate Job Readiness Program for Apprentices, to be applied in all divisions.
• Job Readiness Program for Apprentices at Codelco Salvador. 80 Students, 18.000 formative hours.
• Job Readiness Program for Apprentices at Codelco Gabriela Mistral. 40 Students, 10.000 formative hours.
• Won bid for and developed the labor conversion program for the Ventanas Refinery. 100% In-person, 86 students, 5.000 hours.


NCh2728 Certification

The Chilean Quality Standard NCh 2728 – for Technical Training Organizations (OTECs) – sets the minimum requirements they must have in order to implement a quality management system aimed at satisfying the needs of their clients.
It is based on ISO 9001 and was developed by the Instituto Nacional de Normalización on behalf of the Servicio Nacional de Capacitación y Empleo (SENCE).

The standard was made official through the publication in the Official Gazette of Supreme Decree No. 155 of the Ministry of Economy (May 19, 2003).
In general terms, it consists of the organizational structure together with the documentation, processes and resources that an OTEC employs to achieve its strategic quality objectives and to meet its clients’ requirements.
Thus, interested parties can rely on receiving quality educational services in continuous improvement, with a clear focus on client- and user needs.

The globalization of our economy demands ever higher quality standards from companies and their suppliers, among which profesional-tecnical education is a stand-out.


Through our LMS we offer all our courses with a connection to the SENCE platform: Resolution No. 6679 and National Registration No. 54496.
We are also NCh 2728:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with the  standard.


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