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Metallurgical Sulfuric Acid Plant – Advanced

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5. Plant operation and process control

5.1. Unit objectives
5.2. Control of critical operating parameters
5.2.1. Controls in a cleaning plant
5.2.2. List of alarms in a gas cleaning plant
5.2.3. Important controls in a contact plant
5.2.4. Alarms at a contact plant

6. Corrosion Phenomena and Material Selection

6.1. Unit objectives
6.2. Types of materials and applications at sulfuric acid plants
6.3. Materials according to area and equipment
6.4. Cleaning plant
6.5. Contact plant – acid facing metals
6.6. Contact plant – gas facing metals
6.7. Contact plant – 300 Series stainless steels
6.8. Contact plant – liners for towers and tanks
6.9. Contact plant – other materials
6.10. Material selection and general considerations
6.10.1. Steel iso-corrosion diagrams
6.10.2. Cast iron and carbon steel
6.10.3. Stainless steel and alloys
6.10.4. Austenitic steels and applications
6.11. Types of corrosion
6.12. Corrosion protection
6.12.1. Cathodic Protection
6.12.2. Anodic protection

7. Sulfuric acid plant operational control routines

7.1. Unit objectives
7.2. Register of process parameters and pressure profile
7.3. Gas quality at the WESP outlet
7.4. Glass rod test to detect presence of fluorine
7.5. Stick test
7.6. Water dew point test in the outlet of the drying tower
7.7. Catalyst sampling and activity analysis
7.8. Mist eliminator fiber analysis
7.9. Sulfuric acid concentration sampling
7.10. Pump tank level check
7.11. Case study: troubleshooting procedure for stack emissions
7.11.1. Process data review
7.11.2. View port inspection
7.11.3. Stick test
7.11.4. Water dew point test
7.11.5. Acid dew point measurement
7.11.6. Mist sampling
7.11.7. Physical inspection
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