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Metallurgical Sulfuric Acid Plant – Basic

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1. Introduction: Sulfuric Acid Plant Physicochemical Properties

1.1. Unit objectives
1.2. Context
1.3. Characteristics of sulfur and its compounds
1.4. Characteristics of sulfur dioxide
1.5. Characteristics of sulfur trioxide
1.6. Characteristics of sulfuric acid

2. Reaction chemistry

2.1. Unit objectives
2.2. Context
2.3. Elemental sulfur burning
2.4. Catalytic conversion
2.5. SO3 absorption
2.6. Concentrate fusion and conversion
2.7. Concentrate roasting
2.8. Generation of SO3 and sulfuric acid in gas handling systems
2.9. Oxidation reactions of SO2 to SO3
2.10. Reactions in absorption towers
2.11. Chemical equilibrium
2.12. Factors affecting chemical equilibrium
2.13. Equilibrium curve
2.14. Reaction speed and catalysts

3. Basic Concepts of Sulfuric Acid Plant Operation

3.1. Unit objectives
3.2. Adiabatic cooling
3.3. Dew point
3.4. Water balance
3.5. Heat of dilution
3.6. Gas absorption
3.7. Vapor pressure
3.7.1. Sensible heat and latent heat
3.8. Gas impurities and their effects
3.8.1. Types of impurities
3.9. Single and double absorption systems
3.9.1. Single absorption plant
3.9.2. Equilibrium and conversion curve for a single absorption plant
3.9.3. Double absorption plant
3.9.4. Equilibrium curve and conversion for a double absorption plant

4. Plant operation and process equipment description

4.1. Unit objectives
4.2. Water flows at the gas cleaning plant
4.3. Quench- or humidification tower
4.4. Venturi scrubber, Radial Flow Scrubber (RFS) and DynaWave Scrubber
4.5. Gas cooling tower
4.6. Wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP)
4.7. SO2 Stripping tower
4.8. Detailed description by plant areas – contact plant
4.9. General contact plant process description, acid circuit
4.10. Drying tower
4.10.1. Acid distributors
4.11. Main blower
4.12. Gas circuit: gas-to-gas heat exchangers and catalytic converter
4.13. Catalytic converter
4.14. Intermediate or interpass- and final absorption towers (IPAT, FAT)
4.15. Preheater
4.16. Stack
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